Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wanderlust be slaked, Resumes be damned!

First of all, my most sincere apologies for my last post written in a sleep-deprived haze. Moving on...

While the winter months were dragging on, full of cold misery, drafty windows and a lack of daylight, spring seems to be the polar opposite. (Save for the cold misery which is still here. Y'know spring, you gave me like 70 degrees for a week, and then went back to cold rain. You're a tease. I take back all the nice things I said about you. Now, please come back... you're pretty!)
Spring is far from dragging on. April begins tomorrow. I was in Charlottesville last weekend, have made the last-minute decision (was peer pressured...) into driving to Charleston, SC to visit my brother this weekend, and next weekend I'm heading to my alma mater for Relay for Life. Just thinking about it exhausts me. After that, I'm staying put in the 'Noke. After that, it's May. And in May, I am three months from being done with VISTA. In May, I must job hunt.

Wait, what?
Job hunt?
Didn't I just go through this?

And so begins. I have a folder on my computer called "Job Hunt 2010!" and soon another shall be joining its ranks, aptly named "Job Hunt 2011!" Unlike the previous job hunt, I have a better idea of what it is I want to do. However, much like last year's hunt, I still have no idea where I want to go.

I haven't updated my resume since last June. This is a process I truly abhor. For now, I shall just flee all responsibility and spend my weekend in sunny South Carolina. Adieu, Roanoke.

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