Monday, January 24, 2011

Happiness is a Warm Pot Roast

I made my first pot roast!
For as much as I talk about my love for food and all the time I spend cooking, I must admit that there is something about a 3 or 4lb slab of cow that just intimidates me. However, I was reaching a breaking point with my recipes. Spaghetti (or defrosted free Olive Garden) was occurring much more than I would normally deem acceptable. One night, there was some canned soup for dinner, and another night, carrot sticks and some toasted kale. At my low point, there was a frozen pizza.

These are not proper meals. But I wasn't feeling creative and was tired of anything I possibly could have made with what we had in the fridge. I can't even tell you how many combinations of eggs and potatoes I've done in the past month. So. Many. I did what any normal person would do - I turned to facebook. I asked all the wonderful facebook folks for suggestions, and was pointed in a variety of directions. Some suggested Pioneer Woman, whom I am quite stoked about checking in with come grocery-list/recipe brainstorming day. Others suggestions ranged from Spanish tortillas (which I haven't attempted since my disastrous first meal at this apartment) to a pot roast, by my brother.

It also bears mentioning that my lovely neighbor from DC suburbia read my blog post about budgeting and how I had cut down on herbs. This prompted her (and her adorable daughters) to mail me the most thoughtful care package full of brownies, artwork, and herbs. Yes, herbs. I can't tell you how happy a box full of herbs and chocolate made me. OfficeMate couldn't understand my excitement at things like bay leaves and cumin. My kitchen feels complete.

I went to the store, and I did what I did not know I could do. I bought a 3lb chuck roast. And do you know what I did with it? I roasted the CRAP out of that sucker, in a pot. A pot roast, if you will. And sure, maybe I went over the top with wine. And yeah, potatoes would have been a good addition. Also, maybe not cooking it on high in my friendly crock pot would have made it a little more moist. But that's not the point. The point is that I took the most ghetto cut of meat (it was expiring the day I cooked it!) and made something which resembled a legitimate meal, complete with a dry-rub based off all the herbs gifted to me; this resembled a meal that I had been fearing for months, nay, years. For the past twenty-three years, I have only been content to mainly cook on stove tops, with the occasional throwing something casserole-like into the oven, never daring to explore the more exciting realm of adult meals.

So, hello adulthood. I never thought you'd look like a dry pot roast.


  1. Nothing wrong with Cooking, hahahah!

    That's great plating on that picture.

    Also, I would Alton Brown (Food Network) any food ideas. Mainly because he's scientifically found the ways to maximize taste, texture, and pleasure from food.

  2. Congratulations!!!!!Next step.....Pabellón!!!!meaning black beans, rice, carne mechada and fried plantains, mmmmmmm
    Besitos de tu tia