Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Cold 2011

Hello and welcome to the new year. Yes, I do realize it's been in full swing for the past four days (five days? Goodness, when did it get past midnight?), but I am just now getting around to acknowledging it.

My Christmas was fantastic, full of family and food. I completed a sizable grant and then rang in 2011 in Philadelphia with some extended family, and we had a grand old time.

Going back to my parents house, however, also meant spending Christmas in a frozen tundra. My parents keep their house at like 67 during the day and, I kid you not, 57 at night. It's awful. My apartment is kept warmer than my parents house and I technically am living in poverty. I don't care if keeping your thermostat low is good for the environment, it's bad for your health. And I don't just mean your mental health, although that takes a toll when your parents lock their thermostat, forcing you to live at their tundra-like temperatures. I mean your physical health.

Yes, I am convinced that this cold I now have is a result of changing from a toasty, comfortable living environment to one in which you are consistently reminded that you can "put on another sweater!" Why do I need to put on a SECOND sweater when I already have one on? Presumably, on top of a shirt that has a camisole underneath it? True story: I've worn a winter coat at the dinner table in the past.

It doesn't make sense. My parents are not large people, they should be cold in their house. Hell, my mother was raised in Venezuela. Her blood shouldn't be accustomed to the arctic temperature of her house, and yet... she insists its the proper thing to do. So we all must suffer. Nothing says Merry Christmas like the phrase ""

I found myself back in Roanoke Sunday afternoon, sick. I went on an adventure to CVS with OfficeMate to pick up some nasal spray and cold meds that ended in me stepping in dog poo, thinking it was dirt and wiping it away with my hand, only to realize it was not dirt, and cursing people who are too damn lazy to pick up after their dog. HONESTLY. Are you low on plastic bags?? I'll donate some to you!

These past few days have been rather hazy. I've had all the DayQuil the box lets me take. My nasal spray said I shouldn't take it for more than three consecutive days, and I must lament to tell you all that I have reached the third day. I'd ignore the label, but I don't want to become that girl who's addicted to huffing generic brand nasal spray. She's just not classy.

I tried to inaugurate my penguin humidifier (the one pictured is legitimately the model I have), but alas, our apartment is old and I only have one plug in my room. It's next to my bed and my penguin's cord is short, so he really just blows all his humidity on the side of my bed. Tonight, I try a friend's suggestion - a loaf pan of water on my radiator.

I know, blogging about a cold is just so riveting. Alas, my life isn't super happening. That being said, I don't get sick too often. In some twisted I-don't-live-somewhere-super-exciting way, this IS riveting.

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  1. You need an extension cord!!!!!!and a sturdy chair to put your penguin!!!so the humidity can reach your nose.....