Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Most Productive Week Of My Life

Eight days ago, I woke up unemployed with no idea of where I'd be in the next few months. I was stressed and just wanted some confusion.

On Monday, I got a job offer.
By Tuesday, I accepted the job.
On Friday, I was told my application to adopt a basset had been approved.
On Saturday, I fell in love with the cutest one bedroom in Baltimore.
On Monday, I adopted that very dog and was sent a lease to sign for that very one bedroom.

I am the luckiest girl in the world who has had the most productive week of her life.
I'm exhausted. I've driven to Baltimore and back. I've had to scramble on account of my lack of printer on more than one occasion. I've tried to schedule meetings with awesome people I won't be seeing for a while. My amazing friend from college came down and helped me a ton yesterday with Mr. Man, Bubba "Bubbster" Banks.
This dog, oh man. I was expecting to have to wait weeks for some dog snuggling, but last night he just crawled up into my lap and put his big 'ol head on my leg. Sure, he's getting a refresher course in house training. And yeah, he thinks anything smushy is a toy, but he's learning. After months upon months in a shelter, it's to be expected. I'm glad I have these next two weeks to remind him of how things are done. He's going to be an excellent little companion.Much to Bubba's chagrin (his words exactly), I have been paparazzi-ing it up. Bubba seems to dislike the camera/iphone. I swear, he can be more smiley than this. He likes the little mat by my bookshelf, as you can see. Next life steps: moving! ...again.

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