Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to the Kitchen!

After Monday's baking fiasco, I took a break from my kitchen. Enjoy this photo/proof of my non-muffins. Yes, that is my pot of failure rice back there.

I went out to eat Tuesday and Wednesday night, something that is rarely seen in these parts. My eating out, that is. Last night, the kitchen and I rekindled our romance via porkchops brought to you by the New York Times. They were delicious and I highly recommend them.

Now, Tuesday night, OfficeMate and I were welcomed home by the sight of two boxes in front of our door. They were addressed to me, with no information regarding who possibly could have sent them. After Nancy Drewing the situation for a few hours, I deduced that they were from family friends. The boxes contained a massive crockpot and a super sexy hand mixer.

As a result, I would like to offer a warm welcome to my various new small kitchen appliances, both the ones that joined this week, and others that joined over Christmas.

Immersion Blender
This was a biggie on my Christmas wish list. He was a gift from my brother and, amusingly enough, I gifted him the same make&model. Mine came with a variety of fun attachments that includes a mini-food-processor type thing. It has proven most useful for making emergency breadcrumbs. The blender has been used for large amounts of various soups. Win. Also, not to be forgotten, although not new, my electric kettle that you can see in the background also holds a very special place in my heart. He is used CONSTANTLY, comforting me with tea and waking me up with coffee on a daily basis.

Mandolin Slicer
This bad boy assisted me in my potatoes au gratin endeavor, and you know what? They were delicious. Also a Christmas gift, he has the ability to slice things the same width, and mine even has the capacity to handle julienne strips! Fancy!

Crock Pot
Four quarts. FOUR. Seen cooking in there is my Adobo Chicken that will be ready for dinner this evening, circa 9pm, probably with rice, if I can get over my scarring rice experience from Monday. I can't get over the size and sexiness of this crock pot. It even locks, so I can bring it with me without spilling things. Brilliant! I'm going to be getting my slow cooker ON these next few weeks.

Hand Mixer
We eat a lot of potatoes. Generally as a result of my making a ton of homefries on the weekends. I've made mashed potatoes a few times but get discouraged when I have to mash them with two small forks. Now, I can mash 'em with a hand mixer! Also, I intend on using him to conquer my fear of baking. I have a carrot cake recipe lined up, and together, the hand mixer and I will defeat baking!

Also, I bought an iPhone. Irresponsible spending? I like to think not. I budgeted for it! Get stoked for a comparison update of old phone vs. new phone when it comes in. I fear old phone won't stand a chance.


  1. Bibi!!!! la torta de zanahoria se mezcla con cuchara!!!!por eso es tan fácil, nada de batidora!!rapidito, y puedes usar el inmersion blender para mezclar los ingredientes líquidos...
    y con respecto al arroz, no has probado el parboiled?? no hay manera de que te quede mal, yo lo amo, siendo "rice impaired"
    myself...Congrats on your new phone! And may I say AGAIN that I love the witty and funny way you write?
    Tia Ceci

  2. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make something using ALL of these appliances! Simultaneously! So excited for good, cheap AmeriCorps food...