Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things I'm Thankful For (in general, and while ill)

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I spent the holiday with family in Philly, after many hours of sitting in a car. There was much food, more wine, and overall quality family time. I am so thankful for such a phenomenal family, honestly. Alas, reality does not lie in Philly, and I had to return to Roanoke this morning.

Now, while speaking of things I am thankful for, let me explain that I awoke sick this morning. We're talking worshiping the porcelain god, clammy hands, no appetite sick. (No appetite is the tell-tale sign of my illness.) Ergo, I am thankful for the following:

Mr. Merlot, who returned me to my abode in Roanoke in one piece, to reunite me with my electric tea kettle and my taco-shaped bed.
My Taco-Shaped Bed, who embraces me every night and is ever-so-soft.
My Tea Kettle, who, every night, makes me some chamomile, and every morning heats up some H20 for my french press. He is currently assisting in my tea consuming endeavors.
Garrison Keillor, for knowing that in the last leg of my trip, what I needed to hear more than anything was A Prairie Home Companion. Thank you.
Glasses, for allowing me to see without the hassle of contacts.
My Yoga Pants, for being the best pair of pants a girl could ask for. I apologize for never doing yoga in you anymore, and really only wearing you to eat and sleep.

Hopefully I won't have to use a sick day tomorrow. Although, sleep would probably help this whole illness thing. Come on, body, fight this!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dating in Roanoke

I met a guy tonight. After three months in this town, I met a guy. His name is Nicholas.

Let me backtrack.

I was at dinner with OfficeMate and his mother, enjoying conversation and good food, when I noticed a really cute guy sitting next to me. We locked eyes, he smiled, and I melted. That's pretty much all I can say.

That, and that he's 7 months old. His father let me play with him and he bounced on my lap. He may possibly be the cutest baby ever with the world's CHUBBIEST cheeks.

Yes, I realize the irony of this post after the one about estrogen. Man, if only I had gotten his digits.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


There is so much estrogen in my office. Some days, I don't realize just how many women are there, and other days, days like today, it's painfully obvious. We generally have our estrogen-filled moments, but they're brief. For instance, when we all agree that our accountant is extremely attractive. We take that moment, discuss his attractiveness, and move on. (May our accountant never find this blog)

We were in a staff meeting. OfficeMate had left for a dentist appointment, which, it turns out, was probably a good thing. One moment we're discussing consignment shops to sell crafts for earned income, and the next thing I know we've gone from birthing chairs in thrift stores all the way to personal accounts of labor. I felt like I was in the middle of an Oprah special.

Working with women has its perks. Having worked in male-heavy environments in the past, it is nice to get the female perspective in at every meeting. There are no assumptions that you're incompetent based on your gender and sports talk is replaced by discussions of reality TV and cooking. In the nonprofit world, I've accepted that I will most likely be working among more women than men.

But still, there's something to be said for testosterone. Men are less likely to over analyze situations. To a man, an email is just an email, and whatever is not said is not there because it's not relevant. I'm guilty of over analyzing, of getting caught up in the grapevine, and all those other fun perks that come with being a female. I suppose this just exemplifies the importance of the dichotomy of the sexes.

In other news, I recently have been assigned to another local nonprofit, so I'll be working with more than just the childcare facility. I'm excited - it's an excellent opportunity for growth and experience. We'll see how things go!

Also, thank you to everyone who has given decorating suggestions. Thus far, I have just stolen artwork from my parents' house and hung it up haphazardly around the apartment, with OfficeMate lending his suggestions for what is straight and what is crooked. Next up, who knows?? I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Decorating on a budget

I've found that the ideal way to decorate a living space on a budget is to just not do so at all.

However, blank walls are sad and a pile of books does not a bookshelf make. So I've been looking around, trying to get creative. I invested in a $3 piece of gallery-worthy (or is that galley-worthy) artwork from Goodwill, and bought the finest particle-board covered in a wood-like sticker that you piece together to form a bookshelf that $15 could buy. I keep my eye on Craigslist for whatever jewels may come up, and have considered even getting crafty and trying to create something myself, but my lack of artistic ability always steers me clear. I put off decorating to make food. I make a lot of food. From the portions of food I make, you'd think I was cooking for 12 and not two.

I am open to suggestions on cheap (or FREE) decorating. As much as I enjoy beige walls, they're a little too reminiscent of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" with nothing to adorn them.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Table Hunting, Old Age, Kitchen Lovin'

Table Hunting
OfficeMate and I have been looking for a table since we moved into our new apartment. As wonderful as eating on the floor has been, and as useful as moving boxes are as tables, the novelty started wearing off earlier this week. We found some interesting tables, a two-seater diner booth ala-Seinfeld (which I wanted SO badly) and a conference table on Craigslist.

I contacted a nice man named Cliff regarding his table, and the next thing I knew I had an appointment to see it yesterday evening. It was dark by the time I left the office, and pitch-highbeams-were-necessary black by the time I reached this man's house. He lives at the end of a dead end, up a massive driveway that led me to a secluded house. I parked, hesitantly, and looked up when I heard barking. There was huge german shepherd tied to a tree, barking at me, not five feet away. I texted OfficeMate and let him know that, if I died, he could have Planty.

Luckily, Cliff was a nice retired man with a nice, affordable table and two chairs that have been expertly packed into my backseat and trunk.

Old Age

I've become 75 in the past few weeks. I have dinner ready by 6:30p or so. I watch the Nightly News, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, and knit in my old woman chair. My knitting skills are not what they used to be, as my scarf has slowly been morphing into what OfficeMate has dubbed a cape. Which, sadly, is an accurate statement.

Kitchen Lovin'I love our kitchen. It's small, but it's the one room in our apartment that I'm content with. Why? Because it's pretty well stocked with food and supplies, and it allows me to make tasty food. I have begun cooking up a storm and it's glorious. I've missed cooking.